My name is Fin. Short for Finley. As in Finley Gold.

For many, many years I worked many, many hours on building a business. It was a labor of love that allowed me to work with great people and provide software and services that filled a specific need. Then I decided to try something different and embark on a journey of discovery. No set plan. Just do what I love, try new creative outlets, and find ways to make a difference.  Finley Gold Enterprises is the on-going result of that effort.

This venture actually represents an adventure. I love technology, art, crafts, and learning. I’m on a quest to see what kind of creative and (hopefully) unique things I can come up with. This may manifest itself into any of the following activities:

  • Blog posts on technology, art, and life
  • Graphics art
  • Computer animation
  • Mixed Reality
  • Mixed media (Videos with animation)
  • Woodworking and crafts
  • Custom mechanical creations

What’s the famous quote before something terrible happens? “Hold my beer and watch this…”. That’s not what I’m saying. This should not be dangerous, just an expression of creativity and kindness. This is my quest to see how I can make a difference by using my creative side. Who do I want to help? Whoever can benefit from it. How can I help someone? Maybe make them laugh, live better, learn lessons I’ve already learned the hard way. We’ll see….

Look around and see what I’m up to.


Here is an HTML menu I built. The “Pics” circle will take you to a photo gallery with unique pictures.

Click on the flashing hammer in the old logo below. And of course, get Gold Monkey!

Please send me your constructive, helpful, kind, supportive, and nice comments or suggestions. My online adventure continues and suggestions will help guide it.

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