Fin Buddies On the Way

I’m excited to be ready for the Spring 2019 outdoor season with a bunch of Fin Buddies (and FinStiks) to put out in the world! I’ve been carving all winter and ready to pass on custom-carved characters to whoever can find them. Fin Buddies are good will ambassadors with a mission to promote kindness and respect for people and nature. Here is a pic of the many fun Fin buddies that are ready:

Fin Buddies 6-38 with clear spray drying

I’ll make another post soon on what it takes to make one, but the process is somewhat involved! Created with care and chock full of good will.

Just In: The very first Fin Buddy has been placed! There is a Billy Hill hiding in Fayette Station, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Thanks to R & S for placing him. Who will find him and give him a good home???!


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