Fin Buddies

Fin Buddies are ambassadors of good will!

They are made with a purpose: to spread kindness and consideration for people and nature.
I’ve created and passed on each of these items in the spirit of good will. I hope that those that receive them, whether existing friends or strangers, carry on that good will by being considerate of other people and the environment.

The idea here is to make the world a better place, pay it forward, and promote kindness. Because in the end, only kindness matters!

There are two ways to get a Fin Buddy. One is to find one wherever they are just hanging around waiting to be found. That may be a popular hiking trail, a road-side attraction, or just about anywhere. The other way is to ask for one. I won’t take money for an item unless I specifically say so ahead of time.

What do you do if you find a Fin Buddy?

KEEP IT and enjoy it and promote respect and kindness
OR… pass it on with kindness and good will.

These little fellas were inspired by my grandfather’s collection of flat-plane trolls he found on his travels in Scandinavia in the 1950’s. I am just learning to carve and following the instructions of a carver on YouTube named “Doug Linker”. He is an amazing teacher and seems to be a great person! I also have a few books and magazines as a reference.

Each character is hand-carved and hand-painted and individually numbered. The number represents the order in which it was completed. Each one is in the registry below and may have a blog post about it. I’ll also be adding more character designs as I improve.

Other Finley Gold Pages

Have fun!

Fin Buddy Registry

Registry #Date PlacedPicNameLocation
19/1/2018Billy HillFinley Gold prototype
29/5/2018Bubba BearFinley Gold prototype
39/25/2018Billy Hill unpaintedPrivate Client, Maryland
49/25/2018Bubba Bear unpaintedPrivate Client, Maryland
510/13/2018Troy the Troll. With an actual FinstikFinley Gold prototype
94/26/2019Bubba TopPrototype
224/26/2019Paul PunkinPrototype
Billy Hill
Billy HillHiding at Fayette Station, Ft Wayne, Indiana!
185/6/2019Woody WizardTrail under Grandfather Mtn Swinging bridge
65/6/2019Sims the DuckBlue Ridge Parkway Green Knob Trail near Sims Pond
375/7/2019GrampsAppalachian Trial at Roan Mtn between Carver's Gap and Round Bald
315/15/2019Fisherman Billy HillCroatan Natl. Forest, Cedar Point Rec. Area, NC
175/3/2019Smiley Bubba TopTable Rock trail, Linville Gorge, NC
406/12/2019Bubba BruinCentral Wharf Co, Boston, MA
146/14/2019Papa JakeBy the docks in Portland, Maine
346/16/2019Smiley Bubba BearEsplanade Park, Quebec City, Canada
236/17/2019French Billy HillMontmorency Falls, Quebec, Canada
396/17/2019Walking BearTerrasse Dufferin, Quebec City, Canada
556/18/2019Ollie OwlPrototype
41August 2019Fin BuddyGrampsChurch Garden in New Bern, NC
319/1/2019Bubba BearOrchard at Altamont, Blue Ridge Parkway, NC
139/4/2019Bubba BearNorth Hills, Raleigh, NC
299/4/2019Sid the not a minionNorth Hills, Raleigh, NC
549/4/2019Ollie OwlNorth Hills, Raleigh, NC
159/7/2019Wuf WulfPrivate client, Durham, NC
439/7/2019Bubba Black BearPrivate client, Durham, NC
109/26/2019Willy WizardOld Hampton Store, Linville, NC
309/26/2019Paul PunkinOld Hampton Store, Linville, NC
359/26/2019Purple Willy WizardOld Hampton Store, Linville, NC
279/27/2019Bubba TopCommunity Park, Valle Crucis, NC
4510/14/2019Gary GnomeNorth Hills, Raleigh, NC
5710/14/2019Ollie OwlNorth Hills, Raleigh, NC
5810/14/2019Ollie OwlNorth Hills, Raleigh, NC
7ReadyBig Dan
11ReadyBilly Hill
12ReadyNo R Egret
16ReadyPink Top Billy Hill
21ReadySanta Billy Hill
24ReadyGreen Willy Wizard
25ReadyBubba Black Bear
28ReadyGreen Willy Wizard
32ReadyBlue Grover
33ReadyTall Jake
36ReadySmooth Jake
38ReadyWadup the Bear
44ReadyPurple Willy Wizard
46ReadyBilly Hill
47ReadyYoung Jake
48ReadyQuebec copy
49ReadyPaul Punkin
50ReadyBlue Willy Wizard
51ReadyWilly Shipley
52ReadyYellow Willy Wizard
53ReadyBubba Black Bear
56ReadyBobby Ray Shipley