FinStik Winter 2018 Progress

After several tests on a new FinStik rounding process, I’m building a custom router jig to enable accurate and reliable edge cuts down the length of the stick. The desired result is a smooth octagonal finished product.

Building Up Stock
Instead of placing the stiks on trails during the winter (where fewer people are there to find them), I’m working on build up a stock so I can place them periodically when it is warmer. Personally, I’m still hiking in the winter. But many people don’t.

No strings attached!
I’ve had suggestions to add a lanyard or hand loop at the top of the stik.
I’m not doing that for several reasons:
1. I think that if you have your hand through a loop at the top of a walking stick and you slip, the stick could be dangerous since it is attached to your arm.
2. FinStiks are designed so you can move your hand to the correct position for you. I believe the best position is where your forearm is parallel to the ground. That may not be the top of the stick where a hand loop would be.
3. FinStiks have a center notch so you can carry horizontal if on an easy path. A loop on the top could catch on branches and slow you down.

Looking forward to the Spring where the Finstiks will begin their adventures in the world!

Finley Gold

P.S. Check out our sister site where I create small carved characters called Fin Buddies.

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