Welcome to the home of FinStik! This is the place for light-weight and strong walking sticks hand-made made by Finley Gold. They are made with a purpose: to spread kindness and consideration for people and nature. I've created and passed on each of these items in the spirit of good will. I hope that those that receive them, whether existing friends or strangers, carry on that good will by being considerate of other people and the environment.

The idea here is to make the world a better place, pay it forward, and promote kindness. Because in the end, only kindness matters!

There are two ways to get a FinStik. One is to find one wherever they are just hanging around waiting to be found. That may be a popular hiking trail, a road-side attraction, or just about anywhere. The other way is to ask for one. I won't take money for an item unless I specifically say so ahead of time, but donations are appreciated.

What do you do if you find a FinStik?

  1. Keep it or pass it on with kindness and good will.
  2. Let me know and I'll put the location in the registry below.
  3. Share!
  4. Look for one of our small carved characters as described on

These are lightweight but sturdy walking sticks made out of my favorite wood: Wormy maple, also called Ambrosia maple, is named after the Ambrosia beetle that have tunneled through it and made interesting tracks due to a fungus on their legs. This stick is mountain trail tested and proven to be a great hiking asset. The image above shows the original FinStik that has traveled many miles. Note the bug tracks at the top and the mushroomed bottom. I don't use rubber caps on the bottom because they will just come off. If you look carefully, you will see a carved line at the exact halfway point on the stick. It is there just in case you need to use your hiking stick as a bo staff and defend yourself against a wild animal. Or just to balanced carry it horizontally.

Each FinStik is INDIVIDUALLY NUMBERED and recorded in the registry below. Please contact me to update a FinStik's final location.

WARNING: FinStiks are designed to help with your balance while you hike. Do NOT put your full weight on it and don't expect it to correct poor footing. Finley Gold will not be held responsible for accidents while using a FinStik.

The FinStiks below are works in progress. They start out as a regular 4/4 board. I cut them into 1" square sticks on a table saw, trim the edges off using a custom jig, and hand-plane/sand them to round off the octagonal edges. I never make them completely round so they are easier to hold on to.

FinStik Registry

Registry #DateLocation
14/1/2017Finley Gold prototype (Trail tested!)
26/20/2017Finley Gold local tester

Help Offset Expenses

I'm sending all these creations out into the world to spread good will. Still, the tools and raw materials do cost money.

Help me defray the costs of tools and materials by donating a small amount. The donation is certainly not tax-deductible, but does use the secure PayPal interface. Thanks for helping!