FinStiks are on the way!

The Finley Gold elf workshop has figured out the FinStik production workflow and FinStiks are ready to send out into the world. These light-weight but strong walking sticks are intended to spread goodwill and kindness. I’ve been working a good bit on these and on Fin Buddies!

This winter, the head elf was having issues shaping the FinStiks the way I wanted. All attempts to manually edge the sticks proved inconsistent. Enter the custom-made cornering jig. Here is a pic of the contraption:

FinStik Cornering Jig

The purpose of the jig is to apply a smooth corner edge and create an octagon shape from a square. It worked so well, 10 FinStiks ran through it in 10 minutes. Then comes a number of steps to sand the edges smooth, center-groove them, engrave the web address and stick number, bevel the ends, more hand sanding, and finishing. That’s all.

We’ll be placing FinStiks out on trails soon. If you find one, let me know where it ends up. I don’t have to use your name in the registry.

So grab a FinStik and spread the kindness and respect for people and nature!


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