Gold Monkey

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Jump into this simple game to help the little monkey clear the screen of numbers. Just click on a number near the monkey to go that many spaces. He leaves bananas where he goes and he can’t run into them again or fall off the edge (and
survive it). Gold Monkey is fun and addictive for all ages that can count.

The better you play, the better chance for a higher score!

Have fun and Count Away!


App Store Update

The lil’ monkey took off with a bang in the Apple App Store. Get the game and continue our starting string of 5 star ratings!

Tell all your friends about this fun quick-play game! Can you beat their best score?

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How to Play
Here is a video introducing the game:


Development Update:

Gold Monkey 1.0 is in the Apple App store!  Next up, we’ll work on porting to Google play so it is available on Android phones.


The Legend of the Gold Monkey!

MonkeyCowboy127x142This game is new to mobile, but actually has a long and storied history.
Click HERE to read all about it.

Help! Help! Help!

Calling all loyal Gold Monkeyites, hear ye hear ye! Gold Monkey 1.0 can just be a start. We need you to go to the iTunes App Store, give it 5 stars and a rave review. If we get enough support, this unique game could get out there and make so many people happy! Maybe Apple will put it on a featured list and it will take off!

If this version does well, we have many ideas for the next incarnation. You’re support can help make it happen!