How to make a realistic 3D Model for $10 with no skill

I’ve never made a 3D model before, but I was curious about how it is done. After seeing custom 3D images in video games and movies, I believed it would be impossible to build one myself. If it could be done, it must take some expensive software tools to pull it off. Boy was I wrong!


To make a 3D model, you actually need only one tool and it is called Blender. That is a FREE open-source program with many features and settings. You can download it here: Blender


I was correct that 3D modeling is complicated and so is the Blender software. I needed some inexpensive training. Luckily, I stumbled on to this training course. It is on a site called Udemy and the course is called “Learn the Foundations of Blender” by Darren Lile. I got the course on sale for $10! Here is a link to the course: Blender course. There is much more in the course than just creating a Lego man, but I picked it to show since it looks so real. The course contains 41 lectures taking 6.5 hours, so there is a lot of content! Darren explains and demonstrates every concept very clearly.

The Result

Here is an image of my first 3D model. I built this on my own with no skill and no previous training. If I can do it, you can too!

Just look at the shadows and details! This was built from scratch on a blank screen. It shows how amazing technology is now if a novice can do this for $10.

Happy modeling,


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