How I’m staying positive about the future in 2018

After a tumultuous 2017 for many people, I’m looking forward to a new year of hope, tolerance and acceptance of others, honest hard work, and kindness. I will be working on all this myself and encourage others to do the same. A new year means a fresh start, so I’m leaving my worries behind and planning for good things to come.

2017 in Review

For many people, 2017 was a confusing and disappointing year. It showed how different outlooks in the world are more different than we thought. These different outlooks coalesced into political party divisions unlike I’ve seen in my life. It seemed to me to be a campaign of fear versus open-minded reasonable logic. A focus on immediate self-interest for many superseded values that show caring for anyone who doesn’t share their view. That view sacrifices consideration for anyone different than them or anyone in the future. When this toxic viewpoint spilled in to politics, the result was a dismantling of progress. Many backward steps were taken in the areas of racism, gender equality, civil respect, and environmental awareness.

Progress is Bad?

What caused our lack of progress? Well it started a good while ago. I blame it on technology, of all things. At some point in the past, technology began causing widespread change in our society. I believe it started with the internet and cell phones. Access to immediate information caused our world to shrink. I think this is called technical globalization. It improved and streamlined many of our processes, specifically in manufacturing. As it became cheaper to import more products, with fewer made in the USA, jobs went away. Those who’s manufacturing jobs disappeared were not able to retrain to get a good job. Politicians made it difficult for them to retrain by not supporting new technology advancement and training. This left many U.S. workers out in the cold. They feared the change that was happening in our world as we shifted to a global economy. Good people, many claiming to be religiously righteous, compromised their values because of that fear, voted based on that, and I believe still think that path to be correct. These are the people that have tried to put the brakes on progress. Politicians stoked their fear of change and of anyone who is not like them. They believed the heart of their country was under attack. Politicians told them we can go backwards to the ways of the past. Where everyone is the same and their manufacturing jobs are still there.

New Year: Better or Worse?

No Going Back

There is no point in fighting change. As soon as the internet and cell phones were invented, our path was set. People spend hours a day with their nose in their phone. You can find anything you want on the internet in seconds. Globalization is going to happen and there is no stopping it. Progress will change the identity of our world, for better or for worse. For those reasons, change should be embraced. We need to provide training for displaced manufacturing workers and they need to retrain to learn technical skills. Participate in a future that appreciates diversity and cultural differences. Protect the environment for future generations. Promote emerging energy alternatives. Fight the fear. I look at my viewpoints and opinions and ask myself “Is that sourced in fear?”. If so, it is something I need to change.

New Year: New Energy

Looking Forward in 2018

In order to improve our world in the new year, good people need to stand up for positive values. We need to embrace the change that is happening in the world. Show up to vote out politicians who ignore their values and misrepresent the people. Listen to other people’s viewpoints and consider them from a perspective of fairness and kindness. Don’t let fear overtake your values. I will be working towards that goal myself and I hope many others will too. I’m guilty of being silent on these important issues up to now. As a policy, I don’t argue politics and our divisions have been largely political. This is not political. I’m not arguing about political issues. We are at a point where we need to stand up for right instead of wrong. Inclusion and not exclusion. Love over fear. Acceptance instead of rejection. Hope instead of despair.

New Year: Positive Outlook


Here are some resolutions I’ll be working on and hope others will too.

  • Remain positive
  • Eat healthier
  • Exercise more
  • Be more tolerant and less judgemental
  • Be more present
  • Love more
  • Be more open-minded

Best Wishes in the New Year 2018

I wish you the best in your life in 2018! Whether I know you personally or not, I hope you succeed in all your positive endeavors. Lets make this a better world in the new year!


Note: This post is commentary, also called opinion. It represents the views only of the author and only the author. I welcome constructive criticism and comments, but remember that all comments will be reviewed. Anything negative towards anyone or anything will be tossed. Cheers!

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