Smiley Bubba Bear

Did you know bears can go anywhere? I’ve seen a 6″ bear paw print in the dirt near a high peak in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Humans have to take ladders to get there (Macrae Peak). That showed me bears go wherever they want, including hard-to-get places!

That’s why Fin Buddy #17 named Smiley Bubba Bear Top ended up on the Table Rock trail in the Linville Gorge Wilderness. He is hard to get to.

Fin Buddy in the rocks behind the tree

To get there, you have to put up with a half hour of bumpy winding dusty gravel/dirt roads. Enter from Jonas Ridge and turn right at the sign pointing to the Table Rock Picnic area. Park and then hike up to the top of Table Rock for the amazing views of Linville Gorge. The Fin buddy is hidden maybe halfway up the moderate trail.

Linville Gorge from Table Rock

Happy trails,


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