The Legend of Gold Monkey

The Legend of the Gold Monkey!
Once there was a game…back in the dusty hills of time…back when games were games and there weren’t no cell phones. Shareware got downloaded over dial-up networks and everyone walked to school in the snow uphill (both ways). Games were rough and tumble bit-slinging monsters. One little game started way back yonder…

What was that game? That game was called Gold Monkey!

The game started out as Windows 3.x shareware written in Visual Basic with version one in December 1992! That is one old monkey. Shareware version 2 came out in 1994. That means Gold Monkey may be older than many of it’s users… that makes it retro!

The game had about 100 registered users. Those that sent in the requested whopping sum of whatever they want ($1?) received a 3 1/2 floppy disk with the game on it. Those 100 people really loved it!

Old Monkey

Original Monkey Retro Image

Poor lil’ old Monkey didn’t have the marketing exposure we have now. With no way to get the word out, it never took off. You can still find it on websites like “giant bomb” and “abandonware”. sniff sniff. Maybe, just, maybe, it was a complete failure.

Old screen

Original Game Screen

The Dark Years

After around 1995, the original game was forgotten by all for a span of some 20 years! Virtual cobwebs filled the creative spaces and no monkey laughs were heard. dum dee dum dum. In 2002, a Loyola College professor, one Dr. James Glenn, gave a lecture in his CS201 class on the movement in Gold Monkey. That’s the only reference we’ve found on the monkey’s presence since 1995!

A New Day

Once mobile phones came out, they presented the perfect platform for the game. Once we realized this, work began on a native iPhone app in 2010. Progress was slow due to other concerns. Life intervened…Time slips by…clocks tick…people get older…monkeys too…

Then, one day in 2015, we found the time to proceed in earnest. There is a tool called “Construct 2” that is specifically for visual game development. It allowed easy and quick development and the potential for releasing to multiple platforms: iPhone, Android, Windows phone, Facebook, Google, Scirra Arcade, web, and others. That tool made the new Gold Monkey possible!

After a full year of part-time development, testing, changes, testing, resting, rewriting, submitting, re-submitting, artisting…well you get the idea. Unless you make your own games, you have no idea how many steps there are to get it out. But don’t let that discourage you. Keep at it!


Da Monkey Is Back!

On May 19, 2016, the new Gold Monkey 1.0 was released on the Apple App store. It was actually version 1.0.33. That means it took 33 tries to get it right! With all custom artwork, deviously difficult game play, and unbelievable tap-ability, the game is a compelling diversion for all ages. Gold Monkey can also be educational for young people learning to count! Thanks to our testers and family for the great support to get it done!

Help! Help! Help!

Now we need your help!

Calling all loyal Gold Monkeyites, hear ye hear ye! Gold Monkey 1.0 can just be a start. We need you to go to the iTunes App Store, give it 5 stars and a rave review. If we get enough support, this unique game could get out there and make so many people happy! Maybe Apple will put it on a featured list and it will take off!

If this version does well, we have many ideas for the next incarnation. You’re support can help make it happen!