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Welcome to Finley Gold.

Where we explore new (and old) technology, all kinds of arts and crafts, and life topics!

The goal of Finley Gold is to explore and share the interesting combination of science and artistry, educate on helpful topics based on years of experience, and just have fun together. Look for articles and product reviews on many aspects of technology and art including games (like Gold Monkey), new gadgets, video/graphics, woodworking, and crafts. Also look for descriptions of lessons learned from life experiences. I am passionate about all these topics and  eager to share them!

Fin’s Fantastic Mission

Finley Gold: What will the future hold?Imagine a future where technology and art combine to make your life fuller and easier. Where the most positive aspects of science fiction become reality. No more “Hang on, my computer is running slow”. No more being tethered to a desk to do your work! The seamless integration of virtual tools and real life. The discovery of things no one has even thought about yet! My mission is to dive into that and consider the possibilities. Oh, and also throw in some fun and maybe silly content.

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